Who we are

Our history

1952: “Ceretto” farm was born thanks to grandfather Michele, who owned 50 hectares of land dedicated to breeding  and fruit-growing.

1966: In this year we converted all the hectares to fruit-growing. Our products were selected and packaged in the new cooling storage facilities in the heart of the enterprise. 90% of fruit-growing production was exported in Northern Europe.

1995: Sacchetto family decided to use the low input method of production, in application of te Reg. EEC 2078/92.

1999: The whole farm was converted to organic agriculture method.

2019: We started to transform our fresh products in our new laboratory.

2020: Our farm adopted biodynamic agriculture methods.

2020: With Hopebio project organic agriculture meets social engagement.

About numbers…
  • All the surface of 50,00 hectares is located in one field.
  • Irrigation system cover all the surface and is controlled by our wheatear station.
  • Certificates: Organic agriculture, IFS Food, Globalgap, Grasp.
  • Cooling storage facilities with machineries for selection and packaging of the proper product.
In our opinion organic agriculture is…
  • only processing certified products.
  • having hedges in order to follow a tutelage environmental program.
  • not using pesticides in order to protect our costumers and us, who live and work in our fields.
  • always being in evolution thanks to the application of biodynamic agriculture methods.